Sinch Bale Feeder

Sinch Bale Feeder

Here are some of the world class features of the award winning Sinch Big Square Bale Feeder:

  • Can easily be towed over public roads, Sinch Big Square Bale Feeders are not much wider than 8 feet when loaded
  • Best in class feed-out times: 8 bales in under 15 minutes
  • Mining industry standard chain and sprocket can withstand working loads 6-8 times normal use
  • The hydraulic drive is designed to operate 24 hours a day. Even with heavy use, actual operating hours are a fraction of that
  • This unit can easily push 5 big bales, so we set relief valve to push 3 for 6 bale model
  • No need to pull strings from bales. Lookup YouTube video How the Sinch bale feeder removes the strings. All the string collects after each feed-out event
Sinch Bale Feeder Machinery - Sinch Bale Feeders


6 Bale Detachable Unit right to go to Idaho

  • If you closely study rear bale flaker 2 3 1/2 inch diam steel rings welded on top flaker arm, so that if you need to adjust height a tractor fork slips in to raise or lower with a series of holes in vertical member
  • We advise when bringing in rolls from the field to remove the top big bale Flakers (a one minute job) because rolls can roll and do damage, especially if it falls from 2-3 high 
  • Top big bale flaker has one grease point at hinge bottom, big bale flakers have 4 grease points which don't require much grease. The only point that requires regular greasing is the axel for rear idler that the chain goes around 
  • Spring loaded height adjustable bale flakers
6 Bale Detachable Unit - Sinch Bale Feeders


The first Sinch Big Bale Feeder to be fully manufactured in the US

A fixed 6 bale feeder trailer unit with key start and remote controlled hydraulic power unit:

  • Norm Kessler of Pendleton Oregon agreed to take it on trial basis and initially his Cowboys were sceptical, commenting that "it doesn't look to have enough moving parts!"
  • But it didn't take them long to realize how easy it made feeding cattle and they quickly convinced Norm to order a second unit!
  • Norm says "Sinch Bale Feeders are brilliantly simple and innovative hay feeders that can easily be towed up the highway."
Sinch Big Bale Feeder US - Sinch Bale Feeders


A Sinch 10-bale Feeder

A Fixed installation on a second hand goose-neck trailer:

  • Pictured on the left, Tyler Westhoff of Redd Agri La Sal Utah is responsible for the introduction of Sinch Bale Feeders to the US market
  • Tyler says: "To me simple is always better, it has made feeding hay much simpler. It has turned a 3 man job into a one-man job, is more efficient, and works great"
  • Pictured on the Right, Charles Redd of Redd Agri La Sal Utah is the President of Sinch Bale Feeders USA
Sinch 10-bale Feeder - Sinch Bale Feeders


Removable / detachable big bale feeder units 4 & 6 bale

The first photo is a 25 feet platform (6 bale) ready for Sinch Bale Feeder installation for Jim Nivison "Ohio North" New South Wales Australia.

The one on the right is the 6 bale unit for Noel Pengilly "Glenleigh Pastoral" Eugowra New South Wales Australia....It is powered by the truck hydraulics controlled from cab, the finished detachable big bale feeder on the truck ready to go.

Sinch Bale Feeder Trailer - Sinch Bale FeedersDetachable - Sinch Bale FeedersStrip Grazing - Sinch Bale FeedersBale Flaker - Sinch Bale Feeders

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