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Sinch Square Bale Feeders was invented and the patent applied for in April 2006 by Gerard Kenna at the family dairy farm "Scarriff" Western Victoria Australia. The USA Patent Office issued Patent Number 8371791 on Feb 12th 2013. The initial goal was to find a quick and cost effective means of feeding large square bales of silage. Over time he developed a safe, fast and simple way to feed out big loads of square bale silage and hay.

The hay trailers that Sinch Bale Feeders are installed on usually have load capability that enables them to be used for numerous other farm tasks including transporting loads of hay and silage. The best and most efficient tractor to tow the Sinch Bale Feeders have a pick up hitch.

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How simple it is for 2, 4, 6, 8 & 10 bale models

Video by Pat Doherty Pilot Rock Oregon Feeding Hay

The first Sinch Big Bale Feeder to be fully manufactured in the US is a fixed 6 bale feeder trailer unit with key start and remote controlled hydraulic power unit. Norm Kessler of Pendleton Oregon agreed to take it on trial basis and initially his Cowboys were sceptical, commenting that "it doesn't look to have enough moving parts!". But it didn't take them long to realize how easy it made feeding cattle and they quickly convinced Norm to order a second unit! Norm says "Sinch Bale Feeders are brilliantly simple and innovative hay feeders that can easily be towed up the highway."

A Sinch 10-bale Feeder a Fixed installation on a second hand goose-neck trailer:
Tyler Westhoff of Redd Agri La Sal Utah is responsible for the introduction of Sinch Bale Feeders to the US market. Tyler says: "To me simple is always better, it has made feeding hay much simpler. It has turned a 3 man job into a one-man job, is more efficient, and works great". Charles Redd of Redd Agri La Sal Utah is the President of Sinch Bale Feeders USA.


Sinch Big Square Bale Feeder

Here are some of the world class features of the awards winning Sinch Big Square Bale Feeder

  • Can easily be towed over public roads, Sinch Big Square Bale Feeders are not much wider than 8 feet loaded
  • Best in class feed- out times: 8 bales in under 15 minutes
  • Mining industry standard chain and sprocket withstand working loads 6-8 times normal use.
  • The hydraulic drive is designed to operate 24 hours per day. Even with heavy use, actual operating hours are a fraction of that
  • This unit can easily push 5 big bales so we set relief valve to push 3 for 6 bale model
  • No need to pull strings from bales. Lookup YouTube video How the Sinch bale feeder removes the strings. All the string collects after each feed-out event
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Platform - Sinch Bale Feeders


What People Say

Our big square bale feeder works flawlessly. Very happy with the investment.

Avatar Placeholder
Scott Duffner
Dinsdale Farm, Silver Lake, Oregon

I had a gentleman from Oregon call me about our big square bale feeders yesterday. I certainly gave him a positive opinion of them. ... Read More

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Todd Barr
XX Ranch, Manassa Colorado

We have been using this amazing machine since mid 2016.
We would be buggered without it

Noel Pengilly
Noel Pengilly
Eugowra, New South Wales Australia

Our big square big bale feeder is working great, love it. We are using it every other day to feed 18 big squares every feed day. We are now able to use one person to load & feed. ... Read More

Avatar Placeholder
Scott Robbens
Dixon, California

We started feeding hay out on our farm ground in the winter times as a way to add carbon, energy & fertility to the soil during the dormant time of the year. ... Read More

Tyler Westhoff
Tyler Westhoff
Redd Agri La Sal, Utah

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